Fort Bragg Lighted Truck Parade

This layout was built by Tony Phillips in the year that the storm before Christmas nearly toppled the Fort Bragg tree (2004)….. which is why the tree leans. It is, for a G scale layout, very small – 6 feet by 6 feet. It originally was on show in Cowlicks where it raised several hundred dollars for the Fort Bragg Library. Since then a lot more detail has been added.Click to see slide show

There are two boxes of switches – one on each side of the layout and they bring on the lights in the buildings and the tree and light up the fires. The man driving the “train” bears a close resemblance to David Jensen – who used to own Cowlicks.

The buildings are mostly birdhouses that have been worked over; a couple are scratch built. The figures are all made by Remax. The duck and the Santa Claus are Christmas ornaments.

The layout contains over 250 feet of “frog’s hair” wire. Hank Simonson was 87 when he soldered it all together for Tony.

Tony Phillips daughter, Annalise, designed the layout and placed all the figures, cars and trucks.