Schools and Schoolteachers in Logging Camps

Our website details the location of schoolhouses that existed when logging camps existed between 1885 and 1930. There are a few left. The easiest one to visit today is the one located at Caspar Lumber Company’s Camp 20 on Route 20 (It’s on the south side of the road beyond the meadow toward Willits and is the bright red redwood building).

Caspar Lumber Company Schoolhouse at Camp 20 on Route 20 between Fort Bragg and Willits

The Elk/Greenwood Schoolhouse. The building on the left is the Original Building

The original schoolhouse in Elk/Greenwood was until very recently still in use.

The Moss Maple Schoolhouse, ULC Camp 1

The Grange at Inglenook was a schoolhouse for many years. It was pressed into service after the schoolhouse at ULC’s Moss Maple Schoolhouse at Camp One burned down.

The schoolhouse at Ranch, a ghost town along the Skunk line between Fort Bragg and Northspur is now private residence.

The schoolhouse at Albion can still be seen on the east side of the road just south of the bridge over the RV Court and Albion River. The Old Albion Schoolhouse served as a school for the town of Albion from 1924 – 1970. In 1998, legendary record producer, Bill Bottrell renovated it into a luxurious home.

But what was it like being a teacher was back then?

1872 Rules for Teachers
1915 Rules for Teacher