Inglenook was named by Major H. Lockhart who with Hafferty and Manchester built a mill there in 1885, The three men owned ajoining land which went north from Inglenook to about where the Victo Biaggi ran on Ten Mile River. Major Lockhart’s unfilled dream was to erect a wharf just west of where the Grange Hall in Inglenook is located.

The mill was completed in 1885 and began a thriving business. In its first six months of operation it supplied the timber for the wharf at Fort Bragg and ties for the first mile of track from the newly erected mill in Fort Bragg to Pudding Creek. The mill also supplied the timber to build the Little Valley Lumber Co. mill a mile or so north. The mill made wooden pipes from redwood for the Fort Bragg water system.

In its heyday Inglenook had a post office, a school and interestingly no saloons. The school was moved to the Grange when the school at Camp 1 burned down to accommodate the influx of pupils. For many years it was a busy place.

Ties being loaded at the Inglenook mill