Redwood Sources of Information

National Geographic, October 2009 – Super Trees

An unbelievably great article about “our trees” – the Coastal Redwoods. The article by Joel K. Bourne and photographer Michael Nichols states, “They can grow to be the tallest trees on earth. They can produce lumber, support jobs, safeguard clear waters, and provide refuge for countless forest species. If we let them.” The article tells of how Bourne in the fall of 2007 resolved to see for himself how Earth’s tallest forest had been exploited in the past and was being treated today. The article is accompanied by stunning photos by Nichols.

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Redwood Classics by Ralph W. Andrews
ISBN 0-88740-049-3 Published in 1985

This book is an effort by the author to bring to present understanding the forgotten struggles and triumphs of the people to whom the redwoods meant life and a living in a new land. One of the best collections of logging related photos of the Mendocino Coast Redwood Empire.

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Coast Redwood: A Natural and Cultural History – Edited by John Evarts and Marjorie Pepper
ISBN 0-9628505-5-1 Published in 2001

Quite the best book we have encountered on the Coastal Redwoods. The text is informative and the pictures are stunning. The book offers a comprehensive account of the ecology and human history associated with Earth’s tallest trees. The origins, distribution, life history and forest ecosystems are described as well as the wildlife that lives under the Redwoods canopy. The evolution of redwood logging is documented as well as the 100-yesr struggle for redwood preservation. The book also covers contemporary management issues in redwood parks and timberlands.

Logging the Redwoods by Lynwood Carranco and John T. Labbe
ISBN 0-87004-373-0 Published in 1996

A well written story of the California redwood lumber operations illustrated with a vast collection of historical photographs. Many of the pictures are by Augustus William Ericson, a pioneer redwood country photographer.

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Redwoods – The World’s Largest Trees by Jeremy Joan Hewes
ISBN 0-8317-7381-2 Published in 1981

A very interesting book about the redwoods which concentrates on the life of the redwoods, the flora and fauna that surround them and the efforts to preserve them.  The book contains details of all the types of redwoods not just the coastal redwoods.

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Redwood – The Story Behind the Scenery by Richard A. Rasp
ISBN 0-88714-022-X Published in 1999

A slim, beautiful picture book of the redwoods and the redwood forests.

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Redwood Empire by Stuart Nixon
ISBN 0-88365-304-4 Published in 1966

An unusual pictorial history of the California Redwood country from the days of native Americans and early Spanish settlers to the early sixties. The pictures are a very eclectic collection and include some by Ansel Adams and others by other pioneer photographers including Eadweard MuybridgeCarleton Emmons and Aurelius O. Carpenter.

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Timber by Ralph W. Andrews
ISBN 0-88740-036-1 Published in 1984

This book is about the early days of logging in the Pacific Northwest. It contains a superb collection of pictures of the huge Douglas firs being logged. There are three chapters about the three biggest forest fires ever which contain an impressive collection of photos of those fires along with excellent descriptions.

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They Felled the Redwoods by Hank Johnston
ISBN: 87406-003-X Published in 1951

The Sierra redwoods – Called the “King of Trees”, by no less authority than John Muir himself – have achieved world-wide fame because of their unequalled majesty and bulk. In the late 19th and early 20th century nearly 20 per cent of these trees were cut to the ground in an orgy of destructive lumbering without parallel in any other time and place. Ruthless lumber barons took advantage of loose land acquisition laws to perpetrate a national tragedy. This book tells the story.

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Thunder in the Mountains by Hank Johnston
Library of Congress Card: 68-23072 Published in 1968

This is the story of the Madera Sugar Pine Company. The book provides all the history you need if you visit the Sugar Pine Railroad located at the south entrance to Yosemite National Park – which we HIGHLY recommend.

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