For connoisseurs of the history of the logging and lumbering industry subscription to the Timber Times is a must. Whilst the content can be very technical the pictures (see covers from three issues below) alone are worth the price of admission for the “regular guy”. The link to the Timber Times site is here.

Logging The Redwoods by Lynwood Carranco and John T. Labbe

ISBN 0-87004-236-X- Published in 1975

This excellent book contains a large number of photographs by Augustus William Ericson one of the early photographers who like Darius Kinsey preserved in pictures the early history of logging. The text descibes the logging process and the locos and equipment used in the steam era of logging.

Property of Club Member Earl Craighill

Mills of Mendocino County Edited by Alice Holmes and Wilbur Lawson
Published the Mendocino County Historical Society in 1996

A record of the Lumber Industry from 1852 to 1996 in Mendocino County. The book lists more than 900 mills that operated in Mendocino County. A brief description and the GPS of each mill is given.

Property of Club Member Tony Phillips