Sotoyome – an historical redwood lumber schooner on the Mendocino coast


Photos of the Sotoyome

The Sotoyome was the largest vessel built along the Mendocino Coast.  She was built at Albion and plied her trade as a specialized lumber carrier for a mere 26 months before she caught fire and sank. Louis Hough, our club bard, wrote three  articles (below) about her, for the Mendocino Beacon (click the thumbnails to enlarge and use mouse to drag image to read all the article). Louis also authored the booklet below on the Sotoyome which provides a wealth of facts about the Redwood Empire lumber trade as well as the life of the Sotoyome. Click the photo right to see our small collection of photos of the Sotoyome.

Mendocino Beacon, May 29, 2008 about the Sotoyome
Mendocino Beacon, Jan 31, 2008 about the Sotoyome
Mendocino Beacon, March 6, 2008 about the Sotoyome
Sotoyome book cover


They parted the forest and out rolled the schooner SOTOYOME
by Louis Hough
Published by Mendocino Historical Research, Inc. Fall 2000

Club member Louis Hough tells of his personal link to the Sotoyome which was a large schooner built in Albion as a lumber carrier. In 1904 She sailed for 26 months before catching fire and sinking. Louis has illustrated the book with photos of the Sotoyome and the small book is laced with facts and interesting trivia.

Property of Club Member Tony Phillips